Cambium Recommendation Of CBRS CPI Training Program

I was wondering if Cambium recommends any certain vendor to use for CBRS CPI Training and Certification?  It looks like the major players as of right now are:

1.) CommScope

2.) Federated Wireless, LLC

3.) Google

4.) Nokia Corp.  

Any information or advice from Cambium would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank You,

Scott Pope

Arbuckle Communications, LLC


I'm interested in this topic as well!

me too =)

Those are the ONLY players at the moment... the only one that have been approved by WinnForum to deliver that training.  Cambium will not mandate a specific one vs. another.

We are working closely with Federated Wireless, Google and CommScope and have taken a couple different courses already (in fact, helping "beta" test and refine them).  Any of the SAS providers will provide the required training.

We will have our own CBRS training that will complement (but NOT replace) CPI training, and be a bit more equipment-specific. We are likely going to partner with one or more of the TPA entities, and if you're using Cambium equipment, you can optionally tack on our training module.

One other thing. I am hosting a webinar in the morning at 9am CDT on June 25th (tomorrow) and would love for you to join and ask these kinds of questions. You can sign up here: