Cambium Remote Elevate

Dear Cambium Support.

Is it possible to elevate UBNT devices remotely?

For example, I have LiteBeam M5 and it is installed in a different city and I have remote access on that LiteBeam and I want to elevate to Cambium but I don't have the exact SSID facing the LiteBeam.

In other words, Will the Elevated device scan for the best signal in case I haven't provided the Elevator Tool with an SSID, or the Security key? Because I want to be able to do this remotely for deviced that are not physically accessible.

Also what's the supported device list?

Thank you!

I have forwarded this to the support team

Its totaly possible. I made my self about 300 remote transformations with device elevator. You just have to know exacly the ssid e Wpa key of you AP before move onĀ