Cambium Sector Antenna 90 is a 120???

Hi , we just receive the first shipment of cambium to make a test on a network that already be serve by ubiquiti products. But i have question about the 2.4 ghz antenna. I receive from my dealer a Mars Antenna Model MA-WD24-DS14CM . I order the 90/120 model from cambium. But on the antenna they said only 90 degrees... Its ok? or i get the wrong model. Because on picture the on the website the antenna look different and the support for the epmp are between the leg not on top like picture i see. Is my first one. So if someone can confirm me is the right antenna , its will be very appreciated. Thank You

The recommended Cambium 2.4ghz antenna for ePMP is  P/N: C024900D004A and it's a 90deg dual-slant antenna. Cambium doesn't sell any 120deg 2.4ghz sectors.... however, KP Performance antennas has a number of options.


ok because when i order from my i order C024900D004A . But the antenna doesn't look like pic and in the description they tell the antenna was a 90/120...  On the pic the front is not flat and the support for the epmp are on top of the antenna not on the middle like one i got. I think they put the picture of the 5 ghz one on the 2.4... Thanks for your answer

Yes, you have the right antenna for ePMP 2.4ghz, and yes, it does look a bit different then the ones in the photos. I believe that they just show/use the ePMP 5ghz 90deg sector in most of their brochures and advertising, which looks much much different then the 2.4 antenna. Typically when I buy antennas I'll use the sector beamwidth one size under what I'm actually trying to cover... e.g. I always use 60 or 65deg sectors for when I want 90deg coverage, same goes with the 90deg sector, you can use it and get close to 120deg coverage. I think that's why they told you that it was a 90/120deg sector.