Cambium SFP/SFP+ Transceivers now available

Now available are Cambium SFP (1Gbps) and SFP+ (10Gbps) transceivers!

These are all compatible with cnMatrix switches.

Cambium Part #



10G SFP+ MMF.  850nm, 300m.  -40C to 85C


10G SFP+ SMF. 1310nm, 10km.  -40C to 85C


1G SFP MMF.  850nm, 550m.  -40C to 85C


1G SFP SMF.  1310nm, 20km.  -40C to 85C


1000Base-T (RJ45) SFP.  -40C to 85C


10GBase-T (RJ45) SFP.  0C to 70C


I'm looking for some compatible DACs to go with the cnMatrix range. Any advice?

If I went for Cisco compatible, would these generally work?

Sorry for the delay.
Even though we do not have Cambium Branded DACs, we have tested with them in our labs.
We have not come across any DACs that do not work with cnMatrix.
Cable samples have been both active and passive DACs, up to 15 meters.

is this only for CnMatrix or can be used on PTP 670 / PTP 550?

@Jonchau, I’ve recently purchased some JD096B-AO | HP® | DACs & AOCs - AddOn Networks DAC’s which connect but only at 1GbE speeds?

I’ve also used J9283D-AO | HP® | DACs & AOCs - AddOn Networks which works perfectly at 10 GbE.

Any advice why we only be get 1 GbE connection on a 1-meter DAC?

Hi Rob, which cnMatrix model are you using? Assuming the switch port is SFP+ type, and you did not set the port to 1G, switch reads the transceiver type (SFP vs SFP+) encoded in the transceiver and set the speed accordingly. Can you run the following commands on the switch and provide the output?
show interface transceivers
show running-config

Both switches are cnMatrix EX2016M-P running 4.6-r2 firmware.

Here are the port setting in CnMastro


If I SSH onto the switch and apply the following the Port runs at 10GbE

interface Extreme-Ethernet 0/1
speed 10000

Please ssh into the switch and run the command ‘show interfaces transceivers’ to display the encoded info inside the DAC transceiver. Thanks.

TX Status: Enabled
Transceiver type: 1000BASE-CX
Transceiver wavelength: N/A
Vendor name: ADDON
Vendor SN: AD214FFF1389A
Vendor OUI: 44d5a5
Vendor PN: JD096B-AO
Revision: A4
Date: 04/27/2023
Temperature: N/A
Voltage: N/A
TX Bias: N/A
TX Power: N/A
RX Power: N/A

Thanks Rob.
I confirmed the DAC has incorrect speed set in its eeprom as shown below. When our switch reads this, it sets the switch to 1G.


By forcing the speed to 10G as what you did, the switch ignores speed setting in the transceiver’s EEPROM.

Is this something I need to take up with the DAC manufacturer?

So with SFP/SFP+, transceivers follow a standard outlined in SFF-8472

This standard defines one of the parameters coded in their internal EEPROM which is the transceiver type… such as 1G (SX), 1G (LX), 10G (SR), 10G (LR), etc.

We’ve only found some cheap knockoffs that don’t follow the standard…

In any case, cnMatrix reads the EEPROM when a transceiver is inserted into the SFP cage.

The port speed is configured according to the transceiver type coded in the part.

For cnMatrix switches that have 10G SFP ports, the port speed is default set to 10G. So if a 10G transceiver is plugged in, the port remains at 10G speed.

If a 1G transceiver is plugged in, the port will be automatically configured to 1G speed (from the default 10G)

However, if a transceiver (or DAC) does not have any “transceiver type” coded into the part, the switch will keep the port speed at the current speed setting, as there is no “transceiver type” to guide in the auto speed setting.

For DACs from various vendors, we have found that there are 10G capable cables that either do not have anything coded in the Transceiver Type field, or is coded with a 1000Base-CX type.
As stated above, without a type coding, then the port speed will remain at the previous speed… if it was at 10G, it will remain at 10G speed - and likewise if it was previously set at 1G speed.

For the case of the case of your JD096B-A0 DAC, it is coded as 1000BASE-CX in the type field.
So cnMatrix will auto-set the port speed to 1G, as “instructed” by this transceiver type field.

As Tam mentions, the workaround to this is to manually set the port speed to 10G, for this DAC to run at 10G speed.
Note that manually setting the port speed will override the cnMatrix SFP/SFP+ port speed auto-configure feature.
Thus, if you happen to remove the DAC and replace it with a 1G fiber transceiver (for example), the port speed will remain at 10G, since the manual setting is still in effect.
You would have to re-enable the auto configure of the port in this case…

Hope this explains why cnMatrix is behaving the way it is with the DACs you are using.

Yes, you could mention to the DAC manufacture that their “10G capable DAC” has its transceiver type miscoded as a 1G part (1000Base-CX).


So my original vender AddOn are still sending me DAC cables where the transceiver type field is blank. I give up with them.

Can anyone recommend a supported 1m 10G DAC cable please that will be compatible?

Thanks all,