Cambium switches - worth it?

I have the opportunity to get a Cambium switch at a heavily discounted price, specifically this one
I’d pay short of 500 Euros for it new. Does anyone have experiences with these, are they worth it? This model looks interesting because I could connect 3 NUC 11s with 2x2.5 GbE each to it and my desktop and a NAS on the 10 GbE ports. I’m not aware of a similar option in this price range. essay writer

I’m not looking to become a network engineer so the switch config experience isn’t the most important thing. (Much as I’d like to, an equivalent Cisco switch would probably be unaffordable.


If you can get one for that price new I’d probably grab it. cnMatrix switches make the most sense if you’re deploying alongside other Cambium products, like from their WiFi portfolio and want to use cnMaestro to manage everything from a cloud or on premise controller. That being said you don’t need cnMaestro to use it and it can easily be configured and managed via the web mgmt GUI or CLI.

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I haven’t worked with the EX2016M-P myself but the EX2028-P , EX2010-P and EX2052-P have all been solid in my opinion. Has a CLI and dedicated console port if you don’t want to config it via cnMaestro and CLI is cisco styled.I much prefer these switches than similar Netgear,Ubiquiti,Dlink,Mikrotik in this price bracket.

I’d go for it if I were you.

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For my projects cnmatrix as an L2 switch (series 1xxx) is too expensive, on the other hand it is difficult to find a switch with a good price-quality ratio.
We are currently using cisco SG 250/300/350 series switches and even refurbished catalyst 2900 and are considering a new CBS 250/350 series.
The Mikrotik CRS 3XX has also proven to be a solid solution (unlike the CRS 1XX / 2XX series).
We have a better purchase price for both vendors.
My opinion is that the price of the cnmatrix switch should be lower considering that it is a new player on the market (even with cnmaestro support feature and centralized management which I hate for product like switches, unlike AP where i love it :grinning:).
Also ubikuty edge switxhea and tp link switches have also not proved stable, they have their drawbacks

Sounds like a great deal

are the EX2028-P switches stackable and have the ability for HA?


EX switches are not stackable. However, they can form a virtual stack via cnMaestro for the purpose of management and monitoring.