Cambium vs ubnt vs mimosa


I am expecting the responses to be biased. But I am building a PTMP network to connect up to 10k users and I want to use the right manufacturer. I have a network right now with about 2k users with ubnt and it is sometimes very stressful to manage. Would anyone be able to give real world scenarios on which platform would provide the best cost to performance benefit?

On this network I would like to support up to 200Mbps to each subscriber.

Thank you for your assistance.


I doubt you will see any non biased responses here.
In my area I see a lot I see of migrations towards Mimosa as the Ubnt LTU lineup has been pretty meh for the most part.I do see some Cambium PtMP but it’s mostly their older gear that I see on tower.

200M? Wow, that’s a very high value.
Where are you? What frequencies are going to use, with what channle bandwidth?

You’ll want to have MU-MIMO then. The ePMP 4000 series has 8x8 MU-MIMO, as well as 1024 QAM in 5ghz. There is also a 6ghz model coming. Although it’ll be likely about a year (end of 2022) before the 6 GHz rules are finalized - but the 6ghz gear should also have 4096 QAM (due to the quieter spectrum).

But either way, MU-MIMO is key to high density & high sector throughout.