Came in to meet all 5 subs on an AP stuck offline??? Crashed AP?

02/09/2016 : 05:21:28 AST : :Stuck session cleared (LUID005 0a-00-3e-b2-xx-xx)
02/09/2016 : 05:22:18 AST : :Stuck session cleared (LUID002 0a-00-3e-a2-xx-xx)
02/09/2016 : 07:20:46 AST : :Web user; user=none; Reboot from Webpage;
02/09/2016 : 07:20:51 AST : :Forced reset;

This is what i saw in the logs but it only mentions 2 of the SM's... all 5 SM's on the AP were showing as IDLE, customers said they were unable to get online... even after rebooting the SM...

I rebooted the AP and all 5 SM's reconnected...

We're running 14.1.1

May I know the software version running in SMs? is that 14.1.1 or any other version?

Is that happened after upgrading the AP to 14.1.1? 

AP is on 14.1.1 since it wen't officially released...

all 5 SM's are also on 14.1.1