Can a PTP 45600 be paired with a PTP 54600

We have multiple radios with the paired radio and I’m seeking to find out if a PTP 45600 can be paired with a PTP 54600? One thing to note is that the 54600 is showing Region code 26, but the PTP 45600 is showing Region Code 7. Both currently have the same Software Version: 8.3. The 54600 is an older model than the 45600.

I meant to say without the paired radio. I know the manual states that you can enter the MAC address for target radio in each of the two radios if one have to be replaced. Is this also possible on another like radio?

Hi Willie
Both radios have to be the same frequency to enable them to form a link - so a 4.5GHz radio and a 5.4GHz PTP600 radio cannot be paired to form a working link