Can Belken Extenders cause problems. Campground with ePMP 1000 Hotspot not working well

I have been fighting complaints  and problems with an install I did at a campground.  I have a ePMP 200 connected to a ePMP 1000 hotspot.  The hotspot is providing power to the ePMP 200.  There is at least one person who has installed Belkin extenders.  I can see them on my WIFI display on my android and laptop. I have seen another AP with the same SSID as my AP show up at times.  Is  there as way I can block these thing? The system is making a bad name for me because I can't seem to get it to stay stable and make people happy.  The ePMP link is a 5 GHz and the hotspot is 2.4 GHz. By campground I mean it is full of seasonal camper trailers so some people expect the WIFI to penetrate into their metal boxes.  One of the problems is when I connect to the hotspot it will connect but then tell me it has no internet access. cnMaestro shows it to be connected. I attached a screen shot of cnMaestro and it shows one direction down between the AP and the ePMP 200.  Could that be an intermittent cable? Any ideas on what is going on or what I might be doing wrong will be greatly appreciated.



1. Does Belkin extender is trasnmitting same SSID as ePMP SSID? 

2. It is good to ensure channel sepration between ePMP1000 and Belkin AP 

3. If other intruder AP is also transmitting same SSID as ePMP SSID, we can't block it as of today. The solution can be Wireless Intrustion Prevention System (WIPS), which will prevent ePMP wireless clients connecting to intruder SSID. WIPS solution is not avialble today on E400 / E500 AP

4. Does ePMP 1000 configured with open security SSID?

5. When clients not able connect to internet, do we see them they are connected to ePMP1000? (trying to see if they connected to intruder AP and don't have network access from there) 

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When I run the WIFI analyzer through cnMaestro, I see on the scan an access point with the same SSID as my AP.  It is on the same channel.  The MAC address is indicating that it is a Belkin product.  Is there a way I can block MAC address on the hotspot?  Is the WIPS solution available on the ePMP1000 Hotspot?  The Hotspot is configured with open security.  I see clients connected to my ePMP1000 Hotspot but their IP address shows as with cnMaestro.


1. We can deny wirless clients associating / connecting to ePMP1000 Hotspot AP by defining MAC ACL rule with action set to deny i.e. deny association for listed MAC addresses. The CLI configuration looks like this,


wireless wlan 1

 ssid 111-222

 no shutdown

 vlan 10

 security open

 band both

 dtim-interval 1

 max-associated-client 127

 mac-authentication policy deny  ------------------- MAC ACL rule action deny association 

 mac-authentication list 34-36-3B-83-88-A0 --------- Client with this MAC address will not be allowed to connect

                                                                                  to AP

 no guest-access


2. WIPS solution is in the road map but not on immediate release 

3. When you see that clients IP address as in cnMaestro it shows clients are not getting address and may be frequently roaming to intruder Belkin AP

Please take a look on client association history to see how frequently it is associating and dis-associating to ePMP1000 Hotspot AP.  This will give hint on intruder AP impact on wireless clients association   

Thank you Channareddy.  I did a deny for the MAC addresses of the extenders.  I will see if they figure a way around that.  Now I noticed another interesting thing.  This system has 3 ePMP1000 Hotspots on a router supplied by the ISP.  When I look at the devices that are on the system I see one of my Hotspots showing up with correct IP address for this network.  It is also listed in the device list as  I wouldn't have known what it was because it showed nothing in the name field but it has the same MAC as the Hotspot on the 192. network.  How can this be?  I am really confused by this and I think I am in over my head from the trouble this network is giving me.




By defaut IP ZERO configuration is enabled on ePMP100 VLAN 1. The device is showing it's zero confi IP The last 2 bytes of IP address will taken from last 2 bytes of device MAC address.

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