Can c4000 generate scheduled reports?


We are planning to deploy a Wi-Fi network on a municipal building. They must receive regular usage statistics via FTP or SFTP.

CnMaestro on-cloud cannot schedule reports neither upload files, while cnMaestro on-premises does both. Can c4000 generate scheduled reports? If yes, can c4000 upload reports generated through scheduled jobs?

Thanks in advance.


why we can't position cnMaestro on premises version? when it does the required ask.


Thank you for your answer... but that is not the answer to my questions    ;)

On premises is more expensive than on cloud. On premises needs a server with a cost similar to that of the c4000. As on cloud does not make scheduled reports, the choice is between on premises and c4000. If c4000 can do scheduled reports, from a maintenance point of view, do you not see that a dedicated appliance is better (simpler) than a virtual machine running on a server?
So perhaps the question would be: in which cases is c4000 better than on premises?

personally prefer to position cn4000 when there is a need for physical cnMaestro appliance. will answer report ask on later part of the day.

Thank you for your answer @cireddy. At this stage, do you know if c4000 can generate scheduled reports?

Answer is yes for scheduled report.

OK. Thank you. I will take it into account for the final decision.