Can ePMP force 300 connect point to point with other radio such as MIKROTIK RBSEXTANT G or Ubiquiti?

Hi All,

i need some help if possible, please.

we have 2 wireless radio that are cambium force 300 but it not good link, sometimes we get requested time out.

so we want to testing with radio MikrotIk RBSEXTANTG that connect point to point cambium force 300. 

i have tried, match the frequency then scan them in radio MikroTik but not get SSID from cambium.

so my question, can epMP force 300 (cambium) connect point to point with others radio like MikroTik RBSEXTANTG or Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 or M5?

thank you 

Hi.  Some brands of radios talk in their own proprietary 'language'.  The ePMP radios by Cambium normally speak only 'ePMP's TDD' language. There are SUBSTANTIAL benefits to ePMP's proprietary language - - and in fact, the reason Cambium made ePMP, was to address the shortcomings with WIFI and other TDMA implementations.

But - in TDD mode, they don't interoperate with WIFI or other bands of radios.

That being said - there are lots of experienced users on the forums, and a number of us would be pleased to help you try to diagnose and rectify what problems you're running into.  Post screen shots of your CONFIGURE -> WIRELESS screen as a start, and we can go from there.

Hi, here my screenshot from my cambium and my mikrotik rbsextantg. can this two radio connect althought different radio?

No - a Force300 radio and a MikroTik radio will each speak their own different (and incompatible) language.

That being said - there is the 'ELEVATE'' software which Cambium has created for some UBNT and MTik radios. ELEVATE software basically replaces the UBNT or MTik software with a Cambium flavor of language.  I don't know if that would work for your situation or not though.

If it was me, I'd be much more likely to just link Force300~~~Force300 and then  MTik~~~MTik, rather than trying to figure out a way to connect incompatible gear together.  Or I'd buy 1 more F300 (or 1 more MTik) to help simplify the link.

So, it (maybe) is possible that 'maybe' the Elevate software might be a way to accomplish this? But really, if it was my, I'd re-arrange the hardware so that F300's were pointing at F300's, and that MTik was pointing at MTik.  :)

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