Can I clear old cnMaestro alarms?

Is there a way to clear old cnMaestro alarms? We are using on premise version 2.1.0 r23.

The bell/alarm icon at the top of cnMaestro shows 1 Major alarm.

The Major Alarm is "configuration update failed due to device timeout" for one cnReach AP. This alarm is 77 days old and we have no issues with the device configuration.

System --> Notifications --> Alarms also shows 13 minor alarms. These are all "GPS out of sync" for PMP450i APs. The APs are currently not out of Sync.

Can I clear these alarms? How can I fix problems that don't exist?



The "configuration failed" alarm can be cleared by applying any configuration to the device.  This can be something trivial that you know is already running on the device so nothing actually changes.  After completing the configuration update successfully the alarm will clear.

We are aware of an issue with "GPS out of sync" alarms where they do not clear if the sync state changes while the device is not connected to cnMaestro.  We are working on a fix.

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