Can I force an individual ePMP SM to use a smaller channel size (20 MHz vs 40 MHz) via configuration

I have a node where I am using mixed equipment: a Mimosa A5 access point (using wifi interoperability). Some of the SMs are Cambium ePMP, others are Mimosa. The max channel size being used by the AP is 40 MHz and the ePMP wants to connect, but the signal is marginal due to interference and foliage and other issues. Can I force the ePMP SM to connect only at 20 or 10 MHz channel via the configuration setup? (If I reset the Mimosa AP to have a max channel of only 20 MHz, it works that way, but I'd rather the other units with plenty of signal connect via the 40 MHz channel size).

So, in summary, can I force a ePMP SM (using wifi interoperability) to a channel size regardless of the max channel size of the AP?


Unfortunatelly, it's not possible today.

It's very rarely case when it can be helpful.

Thank you.