Can I Install 5700BH20 without 27RD?

Hi Guys,

Is it okay if I install a BH205700, without a reflector? How far it can go?

according to the manual you will be able to get up to 1 mile running at 20Mbps and without the reflector. Running at 10Mbps you will be able to get up to 2 miles. Now with a very good signal in each of these circumstances and low amount of noise you might be able to get a little farther, but I wouldn’t expect a whole lot more.

I need to link around 2.5miles, and expected line to run is max to 4mbps down.

Anybody tried using Stinger on a BH? Is there a possibility? I would try this to run, but I hope somebody already got an experience.

I am not sure of the regulations in the area, but is there any reason why you would not put a reflector on the unit?

Putting a stinger on a BH module would give you the same effect as if it were on an SM.

At 2.5 miles clear LOS you will likely be able to put a dish on one end only. Being a BH link, it’s generally a good idea to try and get somewhere around 60dB rather than running it close to the noise floor.

I think the link estimator tool includes the BH20’s

I have used the dish and stingers and the grid from advanced antenna…The grids have outperformed, in my situations, both the stinger and the dish…