Can I power a 450M AP with a PTP600 PIDU

We have a Medusa powered throuigh a Packetflux sync injector, using a 48v 2.5A power supply connected to AC power. When we run a link test to or from an SM the AP reboots. The cable run is about 150'

We do have other Medusas powered through sync injectors and use a sync box JR for sync, but they are powered via a DC/DC converter and on  a shorter ethernet run

Does anyone know if I can power the Medusa with an older PTP600 PIDU, the Cambium POE for medusa (part #C0000065L002c) looks the same

Hi Neil,

They do look similar but the output is not the same, the PTP600 PIDU plus is only rated at 1.4A, whereas the C0000065L002c is rated 1.7A.

When running a link test all transmitters will be on for the maximum time giving max power draw, hence the reboot.

best regards.