Can licenses on a dead out of warranty AP be replaced?

I know it Cambium has said that if an AP fails, any Elevate licenses attached to it will be replaced as part of the RMA process, but what if the AP is out of warranty?

I had an AP fail last night, which I'm assuming is out of warranty (I haven't looked up the serial number yet, but according to my notes is was installed 11/2015, so... ), which did have some Elevate licenses on it. Is there a way to get those replaced? and if so, what would be the process? It was only 5 licenses, so it's not really a big deal in this case.

Hi Mathew,

Yes, the Elevate licenses can be transferred from the failed AP. We will do this on an honor system. Please contact our support team so they can help you the transfer of the licenses. Reference this post with the support engineer, if necessary.



Excellent! Thanks Sriram!