Can PMP 450i handle VRF traffic?

Can PMP 450i handle VRF traffic? We encountered issues when passing VRF traffic via PMP450i,
Thank you!

Could you please describe the issues you are running in to, along with a network diagram? Thanks.

Thanks for your reply, Balaji!
I only want to know how PMP450i AP and SM handle the VRF.
May you please let me know?

What type of traffic is this? In the subject you call it “VFR” and then later on “VRF”… I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this.

I’m sorry. I’m not familiar with VRF. I’m curious to understand your use case.
Since PMP 450i in Bridge mode operates at L2 layer, I expect it to pass through.

I changed the subject. Thanks.

It looks like VRF stand for virtual routing and forwarding, and operates at layer 3. Since the PMP450 equipment provides a layer 2 bridge, I would imagine that VRF should work over it, however I do not know of anyone actually doing this.

Exactly, VRF is a way to separe trafics and have “virtual routers” over a physicar router. In our network we use to deliver MPLS services to our costumers. This is all over Layer 3, and must be suported by your main router and the CPE in the client side. The radios act as the L2 media to make the conection beetween the CPE and your main router, so there is no problem in using PMP450 to pass traffic of a VRF.


Thanks for all responders!