Can the ePMP Heater System be Forced On?

I experienced an issue this weekend with a power source that could not handle the ePMP heaters all being activated at one time (It could handle the 7W maximum draw stated in the data sheet, but not the higher draw of the heater system that is not defined in the data sheet).  The system had been "bench tested" prior to installation, but not "freezer tested".

Is there a way to force the heaters to turn on for testing purposes without putting an entire assembly in a freezing chamber?

Thank you, Chris

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately there isnt a way to force the heater to turn on without "freezing" the radio and cold starting it. 




Please update the spec sheets to reflect the power draw during heating. The connectorized non-sync, and integrated units show maximum power draw of 7 W. The Force 110, 180, and 200 show a maximum power draw of 10 W. 

The 13 W power draw described here is not reflected in the spec sheets:

Thank you,