Can we eliminate a particular Cambium ID?

Is it possible to eliminate a particular Cambium ID? Are there any limitations about the numbers of Cambium ID that we can administrate in a particular account ?

Currently we don't allow/support deletion of Cambium ID. As such there is no limitation on number of Cambium ID(s) created under a company account.


I forgot my onboarding key, what do i do?

You can always reset your onboarding key by login into cnMaestro account.

Once you log into your cnMaestro Account, Select the Account for which you want to change the onboarding key 

and then navigate to  Operate->Onboard Devices->Claim from Devices  you will see onboarding key , there is option to edit as well.


How to edit Cambium ID

Hi Lee,

We cannot edit the cambiumID or Account ID .


Hi KR,
Thanks you your reply.
But had other method to fix it ?