Can you power a 3000 AP with a Mikrotik hEX POE router?

Anyone tried to power a 3000 AP with the Mikrotik hEX POE router?  Looks like the 3000 has a "maximum" draw of just over 500mA @ 48v. The Mikrotik has a supported 450mA support on each port.  We use the hEX POE at most of our sites and currently use them to power 1000 and 2000 APs.  This is right on the edge so I'm wondering if anyone has tried.  I don't see an external DC input voltage terminal to power it directly off our battery system. :-(

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You could so something similiar to attached picture. We do this at our micropop sites. The poe injector is for our  OSPF backhauls. The 3-4 sector radios are powered by the hex poe. In your situation you would use as many as you need for the ePMP 3000's.  It would eliminate the need of the hex poe completely but guarantee enough current to power the ePMP 3000. You can get the POE injector here and the DC power adapters with leads here. You can also get the din rail and din rail terminal blocks on Amazon as well. 

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That's a great idea. I have a ton of those injectors laying around from our Wireless Wire radios. The only thing I can't do is ping watchdog that radio but it's been pretty rare that a 2000 AP needs to be power cycled.  Thanks for the tip!

I have not tried it, but the 3000 is reverse PoE from cambium standard, so as long as you have enough juice going into the hex it should work. Might be odd to find a 50ish volt adapter that works with the hex