Can you use PTP 820 LPUs with the PTP 650/670 For LPU?

Would it be possible to use a PTP 820 LPU with a PTP 650/670 LPU? Is there a hardware difference with the 2 LPUs, other than the way the outdoor cat 5e connects to the LPUs.

The PTP820 LPU we have is for IF cable. it can't be used for PTP 670.

WB3657A LPU End Kit PTP 800/820
N000082D012A PTP 820 Gas Tube Surge Arrestor END KIT

In reverse, the PTP 670 LPU can be used for PTP 820C/S CAT5E cable installation. But customer need make sure the grounding of cable is done properly. As the PTP 670 LPU kit is optimized for ESSEX cable, not the regular RG-8 Cable.



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To be clear, I am only running Ethernet from my ODUs, using the PTP 820 LPUs ( small plastic ones) will not work, but In return using the 650/670 LPUs ( hard cased aluminum ones) will work in reverse for the PTP 820s?

If the LPU is used for PTP 820S PoE input, you can useĀ 


Ā Gigabit Surge Suppressor (56V)Ā 

That is the LPU I have and would like to know if it will work with the PTP 650/670. I know the way it attaches to the LPU housing is different.

It will.