Canada country option for Force 300

@brubble1 @Jacob_Turner @Douglas_Generous Hey everyone, I am in Canada and in Link Planner when I select the force 300 csm for my ptp Canada is not in the drop down? I dont even see US, which I assume some of you are in?

Yeah, cambium is really really low effort when it comes to keeping their software solutions current…

Probably just use PTP 550 in link planner with whatever antenna specs you planned to use on the 3000L/CSM to find out what the link looks like / what kind of RSSI you can expect.

Appreciate the feedback, cheers!


I’ve only just seen the message since it wasn’t posted to the LINKPlanner board. When we added the PTP version of Force 300-CSM to LINKPlanner the product did not have regulatory approval for FCC/Canada.

If the situation changes then we will add it in a future release.



How is that 300C can be configured/used for PTP on a FCC/USA locked radio ? Cambium has always been pretty strict about not allowing the radios to be configured for things they aren’t approved for.

But yeah, can add “getting regulatory certs” to the list of things Cambium is pretty low effort on… only took 2 years to get DFS on F300-25’s…

What exactly is your issue? Be specific as to your problem here. Are you asking how a connectorized unit can be configured as a PTP for FCC/USA?
You seem eternally unhappy with Cambium no matter what happens. Is there something we can do different? I am sure there is a long list :slight_smile:

I just want to know if I can use the force 300csm as a ptp in Canada?

Anyone? Can I use a force 300 csm in canada as a ptp? my vendor is saying no…

When LINKPlanner didn’t list Canada or the US as a regulatory option for PTP we reached out to Cambium support to confirm. They did respond that the F300 CSM was not certified for use in Canada or the US. @Sakid_Ahmed can you confirm and if so will it be certified in the future?

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@Sakid_Ahmed @MBSI_WAV_Ryan

Doesn’t this mean they are approved for Canada?

@Sakid_Ahmed, are they certified in Canada to be used in PTP mode?

The radios are approved for use in PTP mode with dish antennas which have gains up to 25 dBi.

So basically a more expensive Force 300-25… so basically just use a Force 300-25 in ptp mode…

Certified for use is not the same as allowed use. Get RSS-210 and read carefully. This is the document that they will use against you.
If in doubt, after reading the RSS, call ISED help and they will make sure you understand what the document is telling you.