Canadian ePmP 3000 Radios Licensed

Hi all,

Looking for some help in understanding why my ePmP3000  listings for the 5150-5250 spectrum only lists 5180-5240, I should be able to take advantage of the full 100mhz spectrum.

Same issue with the 5735-5835 spectrum, it lists 5745-5835 spectrum.  Do I need to submit my radios lan mac to cambium to get canadian settings... my radio is a canadian radio... country is Canada in the radio.



Sorry for delayed answer.

1. 5735-5835 are the spectrum borders according to IC regulatory requirements. 5745-5835 are the central frequency range for 20MHz channels. If we have central frequency on 5735 and 20MHz channel the border will be at 5725MHz that will violate regulatory.

2. 5.1GHz is licensed band accouding to IC and has strict emission mask requirements. In order to fit in to the signal mask requirements we have additional safe gap on the borders that depends on the channel bandwidth.




Sorry for the late reply Dmitry and thank you for your response!  Makes perfect sense!