Cannot access AP canopy page...

I haven’t made any changes to the affected AP. I can still browse the internet and it seems fine.
But, for the last 2 days I haven’t been able to access this one AP and sometimes both AP’s. I can ping both.
Is it:
contention? there are 71 users. Control slots are set to 3 at the moment.

I did notice something before this happened. On the remote subscribers page at the top a sentence that read
"unsaved changes----reboot required"
then it disappeared…reappeared after a few minutes then disappeared again.
I didn’t made any changes.
anybody seen this before or have any ideas what is going on?


are they plugged into a switch ? if so i would reboot the switch if you havnt already

who else has access to the network or might know the password? someone might be playing a dirty trick on ya

the unsaved change thing is a bad deal, if it was happenning during the same session you were logged in, it couldnt have been someone playing tricks, it would have to be rebooted.

Ive been seeing unsaved changes on a few APs I dont remember making changes on, but im half retard so i may have forgot.

My 2 cents is to downgrade to the next lower firmware then upgrade back up to reflash the unit

I climbed the hill to take a look at everything.
I rebooted everything…AP’s CTM, switch, BH’s
and I still wasn’t able to get into the AP…even when I was plugged directly into it.
So, I used the default plug thingy and was finally able to access it.
Nothing had been changed but while I had access to it i did up the control slots to 4.

So, I back at the office and I was able to open up the webpage… for now. Iam still getting the Unsaved Changes-and-Reboot Required every few seconds.

The questions:
No one has access to the AP’s
I rebooted the switch
I’ll wait to re flash the AP until a few more people weigh in.

Thanks a bunch

is it just the web interface? can you telnet?

if its just the web interface i’d say use CNUT & push a new image to it. otherwise i’m gonna say its a VLAN issue possibly in the CMM.

with it saying changes have been made, its internal to the radio, no external source could be causing that (still assuming it was there, went away, came back during the same login session since it wont go away without a reboot)

Your best bet is to swap it out, and bring it back to the shop, if theres some hardware issue it could brick it doing the flash, but it could brick out on its own anytime.

are you running prizm? or any other nms with write access? is write access enabled in the snmp tab?

I noticed this on some SM i had to switch under configuration to Public instead of Local then I was able to access not sure if its the same on AP.

To finish this thread.
I tried to downgrade the software from the office and it wouldn’t and I ended up losing connection to the AP and it bricked. I should have brought it into the office…but noooo!
So I had a mad dash up the mountain and got it replaced.
Didn’t notice any scorch marks on it…so I am not sure what caused it.