Cannot Access GUI with Static IP, Can Access with through AP proxy

Hello I Have a handful of pmp100 Radios that seem to Randomly not allow Access directly to the GUI with the IP set in the Radio, but will allow Access through the Proxy of the AP.

FW: 13.4

Board type : Varies

Freq: Varies

Any Ideas ?


Please check the configuration under IP tab if it is selected local change it to public.

It is  set to Public. Ive verified all settings with other radios on the AP everything is the same.

Is the Ip DHCP? NAT or van configured?

Not using NAT. This specific Radio was not accessible by IP an hour ago but it is now after losing sync and Re-Registering

Please upgrade to 13.4.1

OK so I have upgraded all radios in the network to either 13.4.1 ( PMP 100's)  or 14.1.1( for my PMP450 radios). This issue is still only presenting itself on PMP100 radios. It seems that it is happening when the radio loses SYNC to the AP, When it come back into Session, I can access the Radio through The AP proxy but not directly with the assigned IP. Rebooting the radio or Rebooting the AP seems to fix the issue SOMETIMES.

Are you using VLANs?

What we were plagued with on 13.1.3 for FSK was the LUID proxy not working. Drop session, works again. We skipped 13.4. I have not heard of any issues like this on 13.4.1 from the field guys and office techs. So yes, upgrade to 13.4.1.

I am not using VLANS.

I have already uprgraded to 13.4.1

Yeah I had issues with the AP's LUID proxy too.

The only time I've seen a problem with hitting the direct interface of an SM is when the VLAN configuration was wrong.

Is the SM pingable? Does data still work?