Cannot access LAN, but LAN can be accessed remotely

We have a client who installed a PMP solution with 3000L as sector with 10 sites connecting via force 300-16 SMs. Running SW 4.7.1 on all units. Management VLAN (11) enabled. Units are configured for TDD 30/70 because it is a camera network mainly, but there are some other devices connected at some sites. From the main site (Behind AP) they can access the remote (SM) site and all devices connected to the network, but when connecting at the SM site no LAN devices are reachable. It can be pinged, but cannot log into any of the devices. Can ping devices with MTU size up to 1472, but not larger. Web pages do not fully load. Can reach and open other site devices, but none locally. At first I thought it to be VLAN configuration issue, but they only have Management VLAN enabled on AP and the SM. Data VLAN is not enabled on SM. Then we suspected the MTU size but both AP and SM set to 1500 MTU sizes.

A few things to try…

  • On the AP set SM traffic isolation to Disabled
  • On the AP and SM’s set the management access to both ethernet and wireless
  • Try setting the MTU on the AP’s and SM’s to the maximum MTU of 1700

Hi @Coachy101,

I suggest you to Raise Ticket. In the top right of this page!
It is free of charge. Our engineer will assist you to debug your issue!

Thanks Eric,

I will try the recommendations as per your response.
The Management is already set to both wireless and Ethernet.
MTU size on AP is 1700 and on SM it is set to 1600. Maybe the mismatch plays a role??

Thanks Andrii, I am in discussion with Enrique from your team as well. I will keep feedback on this issue, as our troubleshooting continues.

Thanks for the assistance guys.