Cannot change country code on XD2-230

Hi, XD2-230 was delivered with country code “greece” - after a reset, the country code is also set to “greece” and i cannot change it.

Im not able to choose other channels on 5GHz - only 36-48 . On my other AP i can only choose 100-168 ? i want to to a WDS over these two APs.

Hi Christof, welcome to the Cambium community. Factory reset of the Xirrus AP resets the AP configuration to the factory defaults but does not reset the country code. Please open a Cambium Support ticket so that they are able to assist you.

Hi Gary, if i go to the service center and want to raise a ticket. i get this message:


Hi @Christof_Huttner, I’m sorry about that. This is an error that sometimes happens when you change the email address on your account, but our help desk system has separate user records for each email address.

I’ve merged the records in the help desk system, so I believe you should be able to log in to it and raise your ticket. Please let me know if you continue to get the same error.