Cannot Restore Configurations on 4.7.x firmware ePMP 1000 GPS units

Hello, I am not able to any Restore Configuration files (whether is is 4.6.x text or binary or 4.7.x text or binary) onto devices that have 4.7.x firmware installed on them. Only tested on APs so far (ePMP 1000 GPS units). Several units tested.

The error is:

Configuration restore failed.

wirelessInterfaceRateMinMCSobject: wirelessInterfaceRateMinMCSReason: Out of range: ‘Integer32 (1…7|9…15)’

Not sure if you are looking for a work around or just reporting the error or how you are doing the upgrades so this may not be useful to you.

If you are using .json files (not .bin) you can just search the config file for " wirelessInterfaceRateMinMCS" and remove that whole line from the backup .json

Alternatively if you are using the web interface to restore the config you can enable the “Skip unsupported configuration elements” option which usually works (but not on some settings, this may be one of them). I try to avoid using that option because sometimes when it does work it causes weird problems.

Changing / Removing the one config line in the backup might be a bit more involved/annoying if you are using cnMaestro to do it.