Cannot select 15/20MHz channel widths on PMP450i 900MHz

I'm pretty sure this is a bug, as I remember being able to select 15/20MHz channel widths in the past, but as of you can no longer use these channel widths. Strangely enough, I have a PTP450i 900MHz link that's running and I can use 15/20MHz channel widths no problem. I've confirmed this with some other users that are reporting this issue as well on FaceBook.

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Looking into this now... 

Eric-  I just checked 15 and 20 MHz bandwidth on my lab setup and it worked.   I will contact directly to collect information on your radio and mine to look for a difference.


Cambium tech's were able to verify this issue with my radio and a bug fix is scheduled for 16.1.

The current work around to use 15/20MHz channels is as follows:

- Change the Center Frequency to a valid frequency for the Ch BW you are going to select. Do not change the Ch BW at this point.

- Save the config and reboot the radio.

- Once the radio is up, now change the Ch BW to the desired value.

- Save the config and reboot the radio.


Thanks Eric, for pointing out this issue.

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