Cannot Stop the Job. All devices have already begun their updates.

Hello Everyone!

I made a Template to change CNMAESTRO ID. Everything worked ok; but now I have a Job that cannot stop; without any device in progress. The job is showing "Device timed out while waiting for update". 

I cannot stop it or delete it and I cannot make a new job! How can I do to solve it?



Hi Germano,

Can you describe the steps taken to reach this state where a job has started with a non-device?  We would like to try to reproduce this.

Please email your Cambium ID to jordan.stipati [.at.] so we can try to get this configuration job removed and get you unblocked.



Hello Jordan,

Thanks for yor fast reply!


1-I made a template to change Cambium ID and Onboarding Key

2-On CN Maestro->configure->device ->choose template->add configuration job->start job

3-The job never finished because of changing the Cambiun ID; despite of this, the device is waiting for approval in the new Cambium ID

4-Approve device on new cambium ID

5-In old Cambium ID -> unclamin device

6-Verify jobs in old Cambium ID and I saw what you see here:

Again, Thank you!


Hello Germano,

See if you can create and start a job now.  I manually updated job 8 to mark it as complete so you should no longer be blocked.

I will see if we can reproduce this on our end and file it as a bug to be fixed.  Until then, I recommend you wait until a job completes before unclaiming devices within it.

Thank you for your patience.