Canopy 100 and IPv6?

We are slowly migrating to ePMP, but we still maintain a very large network of Canopy 100 that won't be swapped out for many years.  I'm about to start deploying IPv6 via dual stack which looks like it should work with our Ubiquiti gear and our ePMP, but what do I do about Canopy 100?  Will it ever support it or is that not going to happen?  I know I can un-nat the modules and send IPv6 via bridge, but would prefer to keep the network routed.  Can anyone at Cambium confirm whether this  will happen or not so we can try to plan this out.  


I searched the forums, but info on this older gear seems nearly non-existent.


PMP 100 is an EOL product and we don't have any plans to add new functionality to the product line. I think your best way forward is to bridge the SMs and pass through IPv6. 



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