Canopy 2.4 AP Idle

Hello all… I’m a newbie to canopy wireless solutions. Can anyone recommend some good self study resources? In addition, I have a quick question. What does the status of IDLE refer to when I am looking at session lists? Are idle sessions a part of normal operation, say when customer is not passing traffic? Or does it always mean that customer has a problem?


IDLE is a subscriber link that is currently totally inactive. This can happen if an SM was linked up previously and fell offline (eg. suddenly a tree popped up or the SM was unplugged) or it can show up if an SM fails during the linking process, just to name a few examples. The best resource I had when starting on this gear was the Manual: I know that’s a tired line but this thing really does go over almost everything. The rest comes from operational experience and this board. It’s not very active anymore but there’s a pile of goodies in the archives.