Canopy 2400 with 2.4 11b/g?

We are trying to plan a conversion from 2.4 .11b/g (SmartBridge and Edimax) to Canopy 2.4. Ideally we would be able to mount the Canopy, and keep the existing 2.4 turned up. Then we could convert customers to the Canopy AP at our leisure, instead of a weekend of back to back installs. Is it possible to adjust the freq. on the Canopy enough so as to not step on the 11 b/g connection?

Hi I have been experimenting with this for a little while now,18062214,18143930



Thanks MD. I think that we just don’t have enough physical space separating them on the pole. Luckily all the affected customers live on the same street, so my installer is out in the field all day today. The PoE cable is already in place, and most of the roof mounts are re-usable.