Canopy 5.7 Lite SM, AP for sale P9!!

I have 50 brand new Lite 5.7 SMs for sale from excess inventory!

They are brand new (with P9 boards and 7.x OS!!!) in the box

Actually one is a full, 49 are lites. All will go for the lite price.

Also one Cyclone 5.7 Advantage AP is for sale, and Prizm software if you want!

It’s all brand new, in box, never used, Prizm never registered.

e-mail if you can make an offer.

are you falling in love with other brand? :twisted:

Im interested in buying your 50pcs of 5760SMBC.

I have sent you an e-mail and PM but no answer.

Please tell me what is the price.

Im serious in trade with canopy equipment.

Best Regards

Kone Petrushev

Kone is a good trader. I can vouch for him.

I have also sent email about cyclone unit and no reply. I am interested in the cyclone unit/specs if you are willing to sell it from the rest.

I have received the price and no more info.

Where are the SMs located? I need that to calculate the shipping expenses.

Are they in USA ?

Please answer I want to buy them.

I am still interested in teh cyclone unit. Have not heard anything on it…

I read that someone is sayng that canopy-net is a reliable company.

Four months ago we sent some equipment for repair. We are still trying to get it back. Now we have been sent an invoice to pay €1050 for some of the equipment to be fixed.

Yet so far, they never answer their phone. I am not keen to send money to a company that so far seems to have hijacked our equipment.

The intermediary for this transaction was erkan who posts (or used to post until this issue cropped up) quite often on this forum.

I get VERY sporadic replies to my emails.

It looks like this might end up with Interpol.

I’ve purchased from canopy-net a few times and never had a problem.

Hello Chiris,

I have sent you an few e-mails and I dont have any answer.
Do you still have the 50 Subscriber Modules on 5,7 ?
If yes I want to buy them.

Please Answer