Canopy 900Mhz Alternatives

Hi.  We still have about 15 Canopy 900Mhz AP's, and of course now in the NetFlix days, the bandwidth isn't enough for that.  Some of these AP's only have a few clients, but some sectors have 20 or 30 or 40 SM's.  We've tried upgrading bu adding additional AP's to these same towers, but what we gain in lower client counts, we lose in self interference.  Yes, Canopy is GPS Synced, but ultimately I don't think there is enough bandwith or spectrum to solve it that way.

So, we're looking for upgrade alternatives - but of course the reason we're using 900Mhz to these clients is the farily dense tree coverage these guys have to deal with and the low SNR that the Canopy 900 is happy with.  I'm not sure there is an ideal solution - but I thought this would be the place with the experts to ask. :)

In its latest Cambium Networks PMP450 webinar it showed a slide displaying a 900mhz PMP450 varient is under development for 2015/2016.

Which webinar is it, and where is the slide? I cannot seem to find it...

Here: (at 12:10min mark)

That is good news! Thanks for the post!

Yea a lot of WISP running old school Motorola Canopy 900mhz are itching for the release of the Cambium Networks PMP450 900mhz gear since it provideds a stable route for upgradability of their networks.

Awesome news.  And thanks for posting the link to the Webinar.  I had missed it on the day, and I've been unable to get into the Cambium site to watch it - so I'll watch it now.  :)  I love a helpful user community. :D

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Will you be at WISPAPALOOZA in October (Vegas)?

900 MHz PMP450 sure is promising, but have you considered a cluster of 2.4 GHz to supplement your 900? You will definitely be impressed with the bandwidth over the sad 4 Mbps APs you are stuck with now!

Just how bad of an RF situation are we talking here? What sort of signals? 900 MHz FSK is robust, but certainly not the only technology that works nLOS