Canopy 900Mhz Colo w/ Two-way Radios

We’d like to use a municipal water tower for a new 900Mhz Canopy installation. However, the tower has multiple (three, I think) two-way radio antennas in the same vertical space that we require. I believe that all of the two-way stuff is in the 800Mhz range. Will this cause us any problems? Would the amount of horizontal separation make much difference? Currently, we’d have about 18" of horizontal separation.

It shouldn’t. We currently have one of our 900 Access Points (on 906 band) mounted near some 920Mhz gear, and have never had any interference problems with it.

Is that 920 gear for Internet distribution? I ask because I suspect if it is, it likely uses a relatively low power output like the Canopy does. Am I correct to further suspect that a two-way radio system is likely using a much higher power output? Even when the frequencies are so far apart, I’m afraid that the two-way will generate enough out-of-band noise to interfere with our Canopy.

Are there any RF engineers out there that can address this? I’m equally interested in real-world feedback (thanks, Bortnem1!) as well as any theory that you’d like to toss my way.

800 local government is likely to be mid 800 stuff and probably won’t cause any desens or interferrence. we have seen some from cellular around 890 mhz, although 18 inches is very close. Vertical separation is much more effective than horiz on the two way end since all two way is vert pol. RF linx makes a tower top amp which has a good bandpass filter in it rejecting both below 902 and above 928. You have to turn down your ap power to stay legal when you use it depending on what type antenna you are using. Horizontal pol also helps a lot