Canopy access point cluster setup...

So currently our access points are using 906, 915, and 924 frequencies. The 2 906 AP’s are on opposite sides, 915 is opposite sides, 924 is opposite sides, etc.

Our reasoning for doing this is because it was what was recommended to us by Motorola. I’m just curious why this is the recommended setup? Wouldn’t all 6 AP’s being on totally different frequencies give a lesser chance of interference?

Coming from an RF newbie sorry if this question sounds stupid =P

yes being on a different frequency would result in less chance of interference.

The reason why you do this if for efficient use of frequency, you have limited frequency channels and you need to reuse them where possible.

Canopy is designed to deal with any interference issues from the opposite side, they place a shield behing the AP so that signals coming from behind it do not cause it any issues.

It is all explained in great detail in the manual.

Just what I needed to know - Thanks!