Canopy and RealVNC

We have a customer who’s trying to use RealVNC to connect from one of our SMs to another on our network. I gave them a static IP to use on the server, and then the client is able to connect using that IP. my issues come from both the connection “strength” and speed. first and most difficult to manage is that the connection is extremely slow and makes remote workign very difficult. second, the connection is dropped every few minutes and the client must log back in.

can anyone give some advice on this issue? is anyone familiar with RealVNC and it’s working with Canopy? also, i suppose that if RealVNC is not optimal i could suggest a different software package.

Thanks to the community for your help and advice.

What band are you using? Are you using HWS or SWS? How do the links look?

I have not used RealVNC, but we do use TightVNC for a lot of our work. We run a SCADA package on our network of towers. While we are at site we like to access the SCADA server remotely and TightVNC works great across our network. It has a couple of settings for what kind of network you are using.


I had used RealVNC and it’s working fine.
FYI 2.4G, SWS, NAT disabled

I’m using the 5.2GHz band with NAT disabled and the links seem 100%. I don’t get any issues with any other connections, but a RealVNC conection drops rather often. (like every few minutes it must be reset, and also it seems really slow)

FYI—I just used RealVNC yesterday to remote into my desktop in Sugar Land, TX from an island in Panama (~9mile link with 5.7/20 Canopy)—no problems & speed good on RealVNC–was chatting using a notepad document realtime.

Our link wasn’t even aimed correctly yet…RSSI-600/jitter-5-15/efficiencies up & down below 10%…and RealVNC was still functional (no interruption).

Today, we’ve got the link aimed & optimized :lol: but haven’t tried RealVNC again yet.

Good luck with it!