Hello, please help.
I have several ap-sm bridges for video surveillance.
Sometimes there is sm disconnection every ~ 30min
maybe something needs to be configured?

Hello Sir,

I believe you are using the 2.4 GHz PMP 450 Connectorized Fixed Wireless Access Point.

Would you show the configuration, radio tab of the access point?

There is a limited capacity between the access point and the subscriber module as shown here:

You should be having at least 8X/6X VC as modulation.

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Niragira Olympe

Canopy 2450ap

@Olympe, thanks for jumping in, however this unit is a PMP 100 radio not PMP 450. So it does not support 8x, but max modulation of 2x. But still a valid question why it is locked to 1X instead of 2x.

@Keeper, a VC Error and dropped can happen for many reasons. A lot of times it is due to interference on the AP. Unfortunately supported ended for PMP 100 and the final release is 13.4.1 in 2016. I recommend that release, although I don’t guess it will resolve your dropped session issue. I apologize I can’t spend much time on this when I need to focus on newer products. But here’s a few tips.

When encountering the issue I recommend running a Spectrum Analysis on the AP to see if there is something else on your channel. Monitoring the SM’s Beacon Percentage is also a good way to be monitoring interference.

Depending upon your frequency plan, you could turn the AP up to 25 dBm. Is there a reason you have SM TX Power Control disabled? I recommend enabling in general. Also you might want to check your AP receive power levels.

Also it’s not going to cause dropped session, but for high uplink video surveillance I recommend a few Control Slots to get more consistent uplink traffic. Note, this is will affect your Frame configuration, so if you have other APs you’ll need to run Frame Calculator tool and make sure the frame doesn’t overlap with another AP’s Tx to Rx, or keep all the APs the exact same.

Good luck! :slight_smile: Maybe the community can continue to support. I’d also encourage you to upgrade to PMP 450 for much higher throughput.

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Thank you for helping me, I followed your recommendations, did I do everything right?

I couldn’t figure out what to do with:
“Also it’s not going to cause dropped session, but for high uplink video surveillance I recommend a few Control Slots to get more consistent uplink traffic.”

Hello Sir,


Ajust the downlink data: 50%
SM Receive Target Level: -55 dBm

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Niragira Olympe

Control Slots (later renamed to Contention Slots) are the number of uplink slots to reserve for SMs to request bandwidth. In general, the more SMs and more uplink traffic you have, the more Control Slots could improve for getting consistent uplink traffic when sector is busy. It looks like you only have 1 SM connected, so 0 Control Slots is fine.

@Olympe, @Keeper said he is doing video surveillance, so that is probably why his downlink percentage is 5%, so most of all his traffic is uplink.

Sorry to bother you, I see that the default contention slots = 0 parameter, do I need to change something else?

Hello Mr. @Keeper,

you can use contention slot=3 for example.
Mr. @Charlie can also give his suggestion.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe