canopy APs


Iam trying to configure a new access point so as to associate itself to an SM in a laboratory before deploying it on the ground, The SM has 8.1.5 so is the AP. I have configured them properly but still they can’t associate.

please advise as i have a good number of clients whom i would want to reach ASAP before other isps snatch them from me.

what i need is how i can configure the SM to register itself to the AP just in a laboratory first.

Suprisngly if i configure the same on version 7.3.6 they are connecting ASAP. What could be the problem with the highier versions?



There are only 3 parameters in the SM are needed to get an SM to register:

Color Code of the AP
Frequency of the AP is selected in the SM "Scan List"
Scheduling mode matches


i have checked all the three parameters on SM but about the scheduling, on the new version this option is not showing, so my worry is does thismean that the sm and APs changes themselves to hardware or software? since i cant see this option on version 8.1.5. and i believe this is why the sm is not registering.

please advise

If your AP and SM have 8.x software then they are already in hardware scheduling mode.

Do you see something in AP eval data? What does the spectrum analyzer see?

the rssi is coming up to over 1000 +++
but its failing to register sms?

This is the main problem 'am facing now.

what could be the problem?


Have you read the Canopy Operators manual? You can download it from the canopy library.

Make sure that Authentication is turned off and that the CONFIGURATION mode is set to ‘SM’.

I had this same problem here at the office I set the packet filtering and I got the SM to link up to the AP and could surf the internet with no problem not sure if thats what you were talking about or not