Canopy bridge mode

I am new to canopy and am deploying a new network. I am looking to configure the radios to use a private 10.x.x.x address for remote access management while passing a public ip to the consumer’s computer from our dhcp ip pool. The ip would pass from our pool to the ap, to the sm then to the consumer.

My reasoning being that we do not own our own ip bank and if we ever changed providers… I’d hate to reconfigure each radio.

Can someone give me some insight into how I can accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

It is real simple. :wink:
On the router at your tower put 2 ip on the interface facing your customers. example., xx.yy.zz.1/24
Setup DHCP server on your router to hand out addresses on the public range xx.yy.zz.2-254
Put static IP’s in your equipment in the range.

This is the simple way and has some security risks, etc, etc. But it will get you started.

Also, read the manual if you haven’t already. No really, it explains all this I think. :wink:


The SM by default does not have DHCP enabled, simply assign the SM/AP/BH a 10.0.x.x/16 IP address. This is actually recommended - you don’t want your management network to be on public IP’s.

Once the SM is registered anything on the other side of the SM (CPE router) will be bridged you your network.

for IP management I highly recommend IPPlan - it is an excellent tool for managing IP’s, MAC’s and locations.