Canopy Cluster Question

When deploying canopy AP’s on a tower in a cluster of 6 should each one of the ap’s have a different Color Code or should they be the same?

For example

AP 1: 2415 RF/ColorCode:100
AP 2: 2435 RF/ColorCode:100
AP 3: 2455 RF/ColorCode:100
AP 4: 2415 RF/ColorCode:100
AP 5: 2435 RF/ColorCode:100
AP 6: 2455 RF/ColorCode:100

OR should the color codes be different for each ap’s?

It depends on whether or not you want to give your SM’s the ability to register to different APs. Should something happen and the SM loses sync with it’s main AP, if the color code is the same as the other AP’s and you have the freqs selected it may register there. If you want to ensure the SM registers to only one AP in any circumstance then make the color codes different.


I always thought you HAD to set different color codes on each AP. So you are saying they will function fine with all color codes the same across all AP’s? There wont be any sync issues or broadcast issues, etc? If this is the case…COOL!

The main purpose of the color code is differentiate between different providers AP’s. If you keep all of your AP’s with the same color code your radios are more easily identifiable on the air.


The color code doesn’t impact timing, but remember to set all local AP’s to the same distance, downlink %, and control settings as these do alter timing and can result in self interference (i.e. set all AP’s to reflect the most distant link in the band and the most customers on an AP).