Canopy CMM Managment Vlan

Have CMM 2.2 with following equipment connected to it:

Port (1) PTP1m - > PTP1s - > Cisco switch -> Remote Site Network
Port (2) PTP2m - > PTP2s - > Cisco switch - > Remote Site Network
Port (3) SM - > AP -> CMM - > 3750(Cisco) - > Network with CMM
Port (4) BHm - > BHs -> AP - > SM - Remote

All equipment has a VLAN 192 address, CMM connection to network is at Port 3. I have no access to manage CMM, AP, PTP or BH connected to CMM. Only manner to manage is directly connecting to CMM and have a vlan 192 address on laptop.

PTP(s) both sets are working fine and connected to both sides of network, AP has SM(s) registered, is just that I can not administer any of these devices from network.

Config at switch is:

interface FastEthernet0/2
description CanopyWireless
switchport access vlan 192
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk native vlan 500
switchport mode trunk

** Vlan 500 is a layer 2 vlan…

Any assistance would be appreciated.

How is your CMM set up? Are VLANs and Management VLANs set up on your Canopy gear?