canopy cmm or Last Mile Gear/CTM-1m.1U2

In terms of reliability, features, and over easy usage factor, does anyone have opions on the better route. I like the built in surge and dual power supplies of last mile but i am looking for some real world advice. Thanks for any replies.

I just went through this exercise.

Replaced a CMMmicro with a CTM and MOXA 8 port industrial Ethernet switch and noticed an immediate and significant improvement in performance and network jitter.

My feeling is that the CTM and MOXA switch is just a few hundred more but twice as good. The MOXA switch is outstanding.

I’ll chime in with a me too, but I used a cisco switch. We took a huge hit on our main tower, it killed 5 out of 8 radios on the tower, and killed the CMM and a syncpipe on the ground. We replaced it with the LMG piece and the cisco and I’m very happy with it. As a bonus, I love the time server offset the LMG box provides. All my APs now have real, current, no-translation-from GMT-to-our-time-zone time in them.