Canopy Ehternet Lockups - Auto Sensing duples errors

I am wondering if anyone has noticed or found a solution for Ethernet lockups on Canopy AP’s and SM’s. We run both 5.2 and 5.7 canopys, and every once in a while I run into one that my laptop will not auto sense. I have to hard set my laptop to 10/Full or 100/Full even though all speeds and duplexes are selected on the unit itself. We also have an AP in the field that locks up randomly, but bouncing the switch port fixes it, presumably by forcing a renegotiation.

Brian Flikkema

Please check for cable length. From AP/SM to Laptop should be within 100 mtrs in total.We found this to be the issues with 2400AP.

Also u can set AP/SM Ethernet on 10 mbps full.

In our case it has sorted out things.