Canopy Hotzone documentation

Dear all,

Straight to the point, where can I find any documentations (manual, user guide, configuration guide) about Canopy Hotzone? I’ve search around this web, but still can’t find any.

ahull wrote:

Before post the previous question to this forum, I've downloaded these documents : ... 3b76721018 and ... 8bc220d975, but both of them did not give any explanation about 'how can I configure, use, and manage the Hotzone'. The first document is only a brochure, and the second one is (in my opinion) not a datasheet.

Thanks before, ahull.... ;)

Hmmmm, it appears to not exist.

If you have product in hand, I would hound tech support. I wonder if the docs are still being composed or what…

hi all,

last time i talk with moto’s people, they said that they didn’t have doc for hotzone yet. and they can’t give the original doc (from Tropos) direct to moto’s customer because of their agreement.
Tropos also only give you the documentation if you buy their product and/or buy their services.

Moto’s people said they are working on this and soon publish if they already finished the document.

But… if you want read old documentation of tropos, i have one… try download at this link : … 0.pdf.html


ach soooo…

Well, our company has a pair of it. The boss want me to install and configure it, and the first person who handle them did not give me any documents.

Thanks for all the information, and the link too. I really appreciate that.