Canopy is frying my switch!

Dear all canopy fans (or haters, I guess there’s two reasons why people are here…)

We have a wireless link between two sites in the same city (2.84km), linked together with two 5Ghz 20Mbps BH modules.

I had some problems about 1 month ago (please see my last topic on that matter)

At that time, I was able to fix the problem by changing the switch port in which the Canopy is plugged in.

Now, every now and then (2-4 days interval), we lose the connection to our Canopy. The switch light is open and flashes as if there was activity, but when we PING the Canopy module or anything behind, we get Request Timeout all the time.
To fix it, we disconnect everything (shut down the canopy PoE), wait a little bit, reconnect. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. We repeat the process and eventually the Canopy comes alive again and we can ping.

Please note that some ports seem to be completely afraid of the Canopy. Everytime I plug the Canopy inside those ports, I get the initial problem (link light flashing…)
When I plug a computer or any other device in the apparently ‘defective’ switch port, it works! It looks like the switch is litterally rejecting the Canopy.

Any advice?

Please note that when this problem happens, if I plug the Canopy directly in a computer, the link is perfect, so I really begin to blame the switch. Is it possible that the Canopy is freaking my switch out?

in my case:

usually “onboard lan” have conflict with poe from canopy. we’ve installed more than 90 customers, and almost all “onboard lan” have problems with canopy poe. so we ask the customer to buy lan card, and connect the poe to the lan card. and yes, case closed.

What switch?

We have never had a problem with Canopy on Cisco 2900 series switches, but have run into problems when using low $$ switches.

it’s possible your switch and your canopy are not negotiating the speed and duplex correctly. if you can’t force the duplex/speed setting on the switch, try checking only one option (10 Mb/Half, 10 Mb/Full, 100 Mb/Half, 100 Mb/Full) on the canopy itself. i have had a similar issue between a 5.7 20 Mb BH and a Cisco 3550. once i set the switch to 10 Mb/Half duplex, the thing has run just fine. i have an awefully long cable run on mine, and the cable may be somewhat compromised, but i am not totally sure. just give it a try and see what you come up with!

i have had this problem before. When the 300SS surge suppressor is connected to earth, the link from canopy to any other device changes down to 10Mbps/Full duplex.

So the only cure is to set the onboard (or any other lan card) to 10Mbps/Full.

You can test this out by just removing the earth strap from the suppressor and see what happens.

It is a bit unusual, because i have only experienced this problem with 1 in 8 300SS devices.