Canopy Lite

Any one using these, we are planning to start using these as for most of our customers the Lite delivers sufficient bandwidth, and it will work out cheaper.

Any advice, pitfalls, gotcha’s

well i am waiting on the 900 sm lites they will work perfect for me. its just i think you have to have prizm to upgrade them i think.

Yes you have to have PRIZM to upgrade and you also have to have a AP authentication license assigned to the AP it is associated to.

Does that mean to start off with I do not need prizm ? I only need prizm if I want to upgrade.

Whats the story with the licensing ?

I almost said yes but I must varify that. I don’t know why it wouldn’t. I do know you must have Prizm to upgrade. as far as the licensing goes ill try to explain this the best I can.

Prizm and BAM are now one in the same as far as the server. When you buy Prizm you get a single server license standard, or add additional servers. You must also have license manager server installed(no charge). This handles all the floting license’s including the server. A Prizm element pack license is required for every BH link or AP sector you want to manage. A AP authentication license is required for every AP to authenticate SM’s and control bandwidth. Advantage sm license allows unlimited bandwidth on a classic sm. and a Canopy lite license allows you to open up bandwidth according to the level of license all the way to 7Mbps. You can use any combination of these for example.

to manage elements
Prizm server license
Element pack license allows you to monitor an AP and all SM’s associated with it or 1 BH link.

to authenticate or control bandwidth
Prizm server license
AP authentication license covers all sm’s associated to 1 AP

to upgrade lite
Prizm server license
AP authentication license
Canopy Lite upgrade license

to manage and control bandwidth for Lite
Prizm server license
Element pack license
AP authentication license
Canopy Lite license

Is it worth it? Lets compare Prizm to Orion. according to solarwinds an element is a network interface so lets say we want to monitor and control bandwidth on 2 POP’s each with a 6 AP cluster 100 sm’s per AP 1 CMMmicro and a BH link to each site.

12 AP’s
1200 SM’s
2 CMM’s
4 BH’s

Orion would consider this 1218 elements so you would have to get the 2000element pack to monitor for $10,470

Prizm would require Prizm/BAM server license retail $4,500, 16 element packs $100ea 12 AP authentication licenses $100ea

Total full retail $7300

Orion will only monitor so take away the 12 authentication licenses it’s $6100. Once again Orion only monitors. Prizm at this config will monitor with graph’s, Email alerts, asign element’s to customer list. Email customers from lists. fault monitor, Totally configure all parameter’s in a canopy module, assign IP addresses to the management port or the sm’s, IP/MAC address search will search all Canopy bridge table’s and tell you witch sm the device is coming, monitor customer limits for overages add BAM license and control bandwidth and authentication.