Canopy Lock Up's

Dear Users and Motorola.

We are currently useing canopy 2.4 sm’s and ap’s

We are haveing an issue where some users have to reboot their SM and or router at times when they can not get online. We check the session page before they are asked to reboot and the sm looks ok and is connected ect.

But it just stops passing traffic. on the ethernet side. Does this with the nat table on or off. There are no errors in the ethernet stats either. Anyone else seeing this or would have some input on this?


What make and model router is locking up? We have problems with the Linksys 802.11b AP+Router locking up. A simple reboot solves the problem, but it gets annoying.

When we first started we were useing the The Linksys 802.11b router and ap, now we useing the 802.11g router and have the same issue with both.

I agree, it gets tireing haveing to tell the customer when the call in, to reboot the router and sm. I even tried with updated linksys firmware and it still does it.

Sometimes rebooting the router fixes it and sometimes rebooting the SM fixes it.

I was wondering if there are issues with haveing both Link Negotiation speeds check.

Link Negotiation Speeds
10 Base T Half Duplex
10 Base T Full Duplex
100 Base T Half Duplex
100 Base T Full Duplex

We have had the same problem with the lynksys brand and switched to d-link no more problems.

Checking all the Link Negotiation options shouldn’t be a problem, but try a single option at a time and see if you find a setting that works reliably. It could be that the auto-negotiation isn’t working properly on the router.

You could also test this possibility by inspecting the router’s link light and the SM’s status page before rebooting to determine if both units have negotiated to the same setting.

Thanks for the reply’s I will have to do some testing on some that lock up quite often and see if a dlink wont lock up.