Canopy NAT Issues, "Out Of Resources Count"

Hello All

I have a basic canopy 900 network set up with three sectors. I have been putting all of the clients into NAT mode (Unless they request bridge mode). I have had the weirdest thing happen to me today. Most of our clients using nat have stopped working. When I log in and look at NAT Stats, this is the print out I get:

Private NAT Statistics
Packet In Count : 68
Packet Out Count : 0
Packet Out Toss Count :0
Out Of Resources Count :0
Failed Hash Insert Count : 0
Public NAT Statistics
Packet In Count : 22
Packet Out Count : 68
Packet Out Toss Count :0
Out Of Resources Count : 22
Failed Hash Insert Count :0

It Seems that the client computer can get out, but when the responses come back, they get dropped (or added to “Out of Resources Count” rather then passed through) Is there some basic setting I am missing? Also the NAT table only has 8 used (out of the 1700+ Available)

Thanks in advance


Ok, looks like it was my bad… sort of. It seems our main DNS server was down, but the back up was still in place. The thing is, when I checked the NAT table, it was only ever connecting to the main server rather then our backup DNS server. So it seems like a canopy in NAT mode does not pass on the secondary DNS server info on to the client… Probably should get that fixed :slight_smile: